Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update)

I hope you like my Wp Rocket Review And Bought The plugin. Now this post is dedicated to How to set up and apply Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress

What is Wp Rocket? 

WP Rocket is a caching and performance optimization plugin built by WP-Media to improve the loading speed of WordPress websites.

integrates all the latest features in terms of performance: lazy loading of images, deferred loading of JavaScript, minification of HTML code, concatenation and minification of CSS and JavaScript files.

While being extremely complete, WP Rocket is also very simple to configure even for beginners. Unlike other plugins, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to configure Wp Rocket.

Installation Of Wp Rocket:

You buy that’s great now you need to download the plugin and Upload it your WordPress blog. How? see below.

In sidebar click on plugins and click add new then upload your file and activate it.

Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update) 1

Wp Rocket is starting working immediately start working and you will notice a boost in your WordPress Speed after activation. But for best results we have to dig deep.


Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update) 2

Rocket Tester – beta testing for new releases.

Rocket Analytics – lets WP Rocket collect data anonymously they say they need that data to improve Wp Rocket minimal effect on load times/CPU, but sending data to any external resource means more work for your server.  I mostly disabled it.

Clear Cache – do this when you’re done completing the WP Rocket settings.

Preload Cache – generates a cache for your homepage and all internal links you use on the homepage in your website. I don’t do this since I have preload set to “automatic” in the preload tab.

Purge OPcache – purges the OPcahce which prevents issues when you update WP Rocket, but it’s still displaying the previous version in the WordPress admin.

Regenerate Critical CSS – do this when you make any changes to stylesheets, or add/modify custom CSS via the WordPress Customizer (or a plugin) on your blog or website.


Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update) 3

Mobile Cache – enable caching for mobile devices, but only “create a caching file for mobile visitors” if you are NOT using a plugin to create a mobile site (eg. free version of WP Touch).

Enable Caching For Logged-in WordPress Users – enable if multiple users are logging into your site (eg. bbPress). This gives each user their own cache, otherwise, disable it.

Specify Time After Which The Global Cache Is Cleared – leave as the default. If you rarely update your site or have a lot of static content, you can increase this a bit.

File Optimization

Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update) 4

Minify Files – This option used to “minify” and “combining” your code you will see the boost in your Pingdom and GTmetrix report 99 – 100%.  But Sometimes enabling this option can create issues with your website layout (especially CSS and JS) so check a few pages on your site to make sure this doesn’t break your website look and feel. If this happens, find the files which causing issues and add them to either the exclude CSS or exclude JS option.

Combine Files – Same like minifying, enable and check your site for errors.

Combine Google Font Files – Google Fonts are often shown in Pingdom/GTmetrix report. This can help, and you can also trying adding them in “Prefetch DNS Requests” in the Preload tab.

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources – In GTmetix you might see “remove query strings from static resources.” This option can help you to fix, However, most query strings are generated by WordPress plugins – So expand your items in GTmetrix and see which causing issue – it could be a plugin.

Exclude CSS – if for some reason a minification option messes up your site layout, locate the problematic file and add it here. See WP Rocket’s article on resolving issues with minification.

Optimize CSS Delivery – Your Website page will start loading without CSS styles which is an item in Google PageSpeed Insights. WP Rocket automatically generates this for you. They say

When you activate the Optimize CSS delivery setting checkbox, CSS will be loaded asynchronously on your site. Additionally, Critical Path CSS will be generated for your website in the background and added upon the next page load.

JavaScript Files – same concept as CSS only with JavaScript files.


Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update) 5

Lazy Load:

Load images and videos when visitors scroll down. In this way, you can increase your blog speed.


Emojis are bad for the speed of your blog so by enabling this option your emojis ll replace by WordPress Smiles.

Embeds – similar to Cloudflare’s hotlink prevention, this prevents sites from embedding your content on their website which sucks up bandwidth and makes your site slower.


Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update) 6

Sitemap Preloading – Increase the benefits of preload to ALL URLs of your website in your sitemap, not just your homepage and the internal links you use on the homepage.

This will not use an external bot like the manual/automatic option. Even if the end result is the same. As long as WP Rocket detected your sitemap in “sitemaps for preloading,” there is no need to add it here.

This is what preloading can do for your server…

Prefetch DNS Requests – add Google Fonts, YouTube videos, or other scripts/requests from external websites to help browsers anticipate these. This will result in faster load times.

These are the ones I added:

  • //
  • //
  • //
  • //
  • //
  • //

Advanced Rules

The advanced options are mostly used for excluding cart and checkout pages in eCommerce websites.

Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update) 7

Never Cache URL(s) – Add URLs which you don’t want to cache like cart and checkout pages here. Learn more.

Never Cache Cookies – the same principal as a previous option used for cookies.

Never Cache User Agent(s) – Stop Googlebot or other user agents from caching pages.

Always Purge URL(s) – let’s say you have a blogroll on your homepage on your website. If you create a new post, you want that homepage blogroll updated immediately by clearing the homepage cache. That’s what this setting used for, however, WP Rocket automatically clears the cache for your homepage, categories, and tags once new content is created… so there is no need for this. But if there are other page’s cache you want to be cleared when new content is added, add them.

Cache Query String(s) – Used to cache search result pages and price filtering pages for eCommerce sites.

Database Optimization Settings:

If you are using another plugin to optimize your WordPress database, then delete it because you need that now. Wp Rocket has an inbuilt option for you to Optimize your Database like Tables, Revisions, etc. See Image Below.

Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update) 8

CDN Settings:

I am not using any CDN Right now, but if you are planning to CDN like Maxcdn, then you can set CDN settings from here. I will update this tutorial about it soon because currently, I am not using any CDN.


Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update) 9

1Google Tracking (Improve Browser Caching For Google Analytics) – you may see Google Analytics errors in your speed testing tool like Gtmetrix. Having WP Rocket host Google Analytics locally should fix these, specifically in GTmetrix under Page Speed → Leverage Browser Caching.

2Facebook Pixel (Improve Browser Caching For Facebook Pixel) – same concept as a previous option only for Facebook Pixel.

3Cloudflare – sign up for Cloudflare, add your website, and Cloudflare will run a scan. You will eventually come to a page with your Cloudflare name servers and a link to your API key.

4Synchronize Sucuri Cache – enable if you are using Sucuri Security. This will automatically clear Sucuri’s cache whenever you clear WP Rocket’s cache, keeping your content synchronized.

  • Sucuri Firewall API Key (For Plugin) – login to Sucuri here, click your site, go to the API tab, then copy your API Key (For Plugin) and paste it into WP Rocket.


In Wp Rocket tools you can export OR import your settings. if you upgraded to a new version of WP Rocket and it creates issues in your site, you can also fall back on the previous version from this section.

Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update) 10


Final Words:

So that’s it your job is done just go to any speed checking tool and let me know your blog speed by comments and also if you face any problem then you can also comment I will try my best to solve your problem.

Wp Rocket is all in one WordPress Speed Booster. I have used this plugin on some of my client’s sites and they are loving it. So, if above benefits are worth $39 to you, WP Rocket is definitely a great option to make your WordPress site load faster without pulling your hair out trying to configure complicated plugins or make multiple plugins play nice with one another.

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Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update)
Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress (2019 Update) 11
I hope you like my Wp Rocket Review And Bought The plugin. Now this post is dedicated to How to set up and apply Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress What
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