Who We Are

TheFifthClap is designed to help entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and incubators launch new businesses, enter new markets, commercialize breakthrough ideas, or simply to think “bigger” about future opportunities. Providing management consulting expertise, we help to build a collaborative network of partners—all with the courage to take a risk and the determination to succeed. Our clients and the startups we guide all benefit from the insights and innovations that emerge from these collaborations.

We work collaboratively with startup companies, applying our expertise and offering guidance in all aspects of building a business—from formulating strategy and developing business models, to crafting value propositions and optimizing pricing, to digitally transforming a business, to name a few. Our work is influencing the strategies, products, and success stories of startups across a wide range of industries

entrepreneurial challenges

  • Revenue growth and EBIT are below budget or ambition level
  • Data is available, yet fragmented and not used at full potential
  • Commercial organization does not ‘fire on all cylinders’
  • Inability to find untapped growth in your organization and market

Let’s work together to reveal your untapped potential and realize growth with Growth as a Service. With our hands-on, entrepreneurial approach we deliver sustainable growth at 200% ROI within 12 months.

DNA of Growth as a Service

  • We are Growth Entrepreneurs. And Rebels. An analysis, strategy or plan isn’t our final product. Your company’s growth is.
  • We improve the commercial performance of organizations
  • ‘Growth as a Service’ requires intense collaboration and co-creation between our clients and us. That requires a strong trust base on both sides.