5 Important Things You Must Do After Starting a Blog

Everyone nowadays doing blogging in different niches and you all know that the niche he chooses is very important for him. Because This is his passion he is doing with the help of a blog. But he doesn’t know other major steps he needs to follow after After Starting A Blog to grow his blog to reach more audiences.

You are in right place hi my name is Malik sharjeel and in today post I am going to reveal some major steps You Need To Do After Starting A Blog to properly setup your blog. I

hope these steps ll help you to get more readers and help you to grow your blog.

Don’t worry these steps are damn easy everyone can do these steps easily. By the way, if you can’t then you ‘ll find tons of awesome articles on the Internet to do these properly.

Let’s Begin: 

Well, nowadays making blogs is easier than before.

  1. Buy hosting (Bluehost) or (Inmotion Hosting).
  2. Install WordPress.
  3. Select theme.
  4. Start Posting.
  5. Done

Read this one of my guides to make a WordPress Blog (How To Start A WordPress Blog)

But What next ?.

1: Submit Your Blog to Search engines:

Well, many Search engines have their own webmaster tools with the help of webmaster tools you can submit your site to them. Search engines analyze your blog with the information you provide in webmaster tools.

In easy words, you can say that you tell Search engines that how you want your site in search results. Also, these type of tools gives you variety of many functions which you can use.


  1. How your site indexing
  2. How bots crawl your blog.
  3. What errors they are facing and how you can fix.
  4. Well, I am not going deep because this is not the topic of this blog post. You can subscribe my blog for future updates :p.

Which webmaster tools?

Well, there are many webmaster tools available on the Internet for different search engines.

But these three are best

  1. Google Webmaster
  2. Bing Webmaster
  3. Yandex Webmaster

Just visit their tools and submit your blog.

Great you all done for submission to search engines let’s talk about other 🙂

2: Submit your blog in Google analytics:

Well, many of newbies don’t know about it and doing blogging without any thinking that how blog traffic is doing on their blogs.

Well, this is an important thing to note that you have to analyze blog traffic.

So for this, you need a tool probably free.

There are tons of tools available on the Internet but no one can match Google analytics. Just submit your blog. Add tracking code to your blog then the magic start.

Important functions of google analytics:

  1. Real-time traffic: (With the help of this option you can see how many readers reading your articles and which article.)
  2. Bounce Rate: (If you get low bounce rate then you are entertaining your readers and readers love your articles.) High bounce rate means they visit but soon they left. 🙁
  3. Well, there are more awesome features in this awesome free tool you just need to learn.

3: Make Social pages and promote:

Well, social networks are my best source for traffic. I saw many people sharing their posts in social sites but not the right way.

Well, many bloggers share only on their profiles well I am not saying that this is not good this is good I also share my articles in my profile.

But you know you can create pages and group for your blogs.

I hope you all know but yes making page hell a lot of easy just name it like your blog name then start to promote that page. Invite your friends to like your page and request them to invite their friends.

Well with this you can get good like then start sharing your awesome articles on that page 🙂

4: Build Your Email List:

All blogger should know that email list one of the most important things for every blogger blog. You can build a family around your blog and start emailing them. You can promote your products and also you can email them when you crafted a new post.

You can use a plugin like Bloom which I am using to capture leads for this blog. Start collecting email from the first day of the blog so you do not miss your valuable subscriber.

5: Build Relationship With Your Readers:

You have build relationships with your readers after starting a blog. Because a good relationship can make him returning visitor or your valuable reader which I hope you don’t want to lose.

How you can build a Relationship: 

There are many ways you have to reply all your blog posts comments and answer them or solve their queries. Join social media platforms and build community and help them.

You can visit their blogs and tell them that what he needs to improve. This ‘ll make a good impact on your readers and they ll value your blog posts and blogs.

So Relation Ship Iist one of the most important things for your blog to grow more. 😉

Final Words:

There are many things you need to do after starting a blog but these are important and much needed atleast for me which i learn in past 4 years of blogging experience.

I hope you ‘ll like this post. Just comment that what you feel while reading and if you know any important steps we need to care after Starting a Blog.

Don’t forget to share with other and wish you best of luck.

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