Top 5 SEO Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Google Rankings

There is now any doubt that you have to do SEO (Search engine Optimization) for your new blogs to rank high and beat your competitors.

You can expect nothing if you are not following SEO rules.

I write a detailed Beginner SEO Guide you can read and ll help you to understand some basic SEO Things.

But today in this post I am going to tell you some of the Top 5 SEO Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Google Rankings.

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Not Using Good SEO Plugin:

If you are a WordPress user and now using an SEO plugin then this can damage your blog and decrease your rankings.

A good and lightweight plugin can help you in many ways.

There are many plugins for this task but I always prefer Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress blogs for SEO things.

Yoast ll solves the many issues you are facing in SEO and also help you to improve your site and optimize it for search engines like google.

Also, check my List of Search Engine Optimization Tools I use for my blogs to rank high.

Not Work On Posts Titles:

Post title can help you in many ways and also post titles have an important role in SEO. One good and attractive post title can help you to drive huge traffic to your blog from search engines and from social sites like Facebook.

Many new bloggers don’t care about post titles and choose randomly and publish posts.

You have to work on your post titles carefully.

Analyze other popular blogs in your niche and see how they write there titles and why you love.

Post titles should be sweet and catchy and always include your main keyword in it.

One of important role of a good post title is they can help you to increase your CTR (Click Through Rate).

Not Optimizing Blog Speed:

Blog speed is now a ranking factor nowadays and bloggers should know that Google prefers high speed sites and rank them or index them.

Users also love to browse high-speed optimized sites. Normally a visitors leave the site if the site ll does not load in under 3 or 5 seconds. So if your site is slow that much that you are losing the horrible amount of visitors to your blog.

Speed ll also help you to reduce your bounce rate in google analytics which is increase due to visitors leaving fastly from your site because your site is so slow.

This is one of the big SEO mistakes you are making if you are focusing on blog speed and not improving them.

How To Increase WordPress Speed? 

One of your main goals is choosing a good and reliable hosting for your blog. I recommend if you can afford then you should choose A managed hosting for your awesome blog.

If you can’t afford costly hosting and prefer shared hosting in your starting days then you can go with hosting like Inmotion or siteground for your blog.

I am using Inmotion Hosting For this blog and I am so much satisfied and love with there support.

After choosing hosting you can Read my WordPress speed optimization guide. Where i mention a lot of steps you can follow to increase your WordPress speed.

Not Optimizing Images For SEO:

This is also a one of the most common SEO mistakes that new bloggers not work on image optimization.

You have to use proper Alt tags in images so google ll rank your images in search results in image section and help you to gain more traffic from images.

This can be your one of the most important way to get good traffic from search engines.

Also, optimize your images so they ll not take much space on your blog server.

If you are WordPress user and using a cheap type of hosting then a heavy and not optimize image can slow down your blog.

There are many tools on the internet you just need to search image optimization tool.

If you want to use a plugin then I can recommend an awesome plugin which ll help you to optimize your WordPress blog images.

The plugin name is Imagify.

This plugin ll help you optimize your images in bulk and ll help you to free up some space on your server.

Copy Cat: Not Posting Unique Posts:

One of the most common and popular Mistake of new bloggers that they start copying other website articles and use them on there new blogs.

Well just want to tell them them that they are totally wasting there there important time in this.

Technology is updating day by day google start penalizing blogs these type of blogs which copy other sites articles since very long but now time changed.

Whenever google or other search engines find that the site is copying then they ll take action as soon as possible.

Two things ll happen.

They ll totally delete your blog or deindexed from search results.

So always take a break think about new ideas for your future articles make a cup of coffee or tea i prefer Tea 😛 And Start writing. 😉

You ll fall in love in blogging when your hard work starts paying you.

Final Words:

So that’s it these are top 5 SEO  mistakes mostly beginner do in my knowledge in there starting days.

Blogging is very good but if you do by following right steps and right guides.

I hope you ll like this post if you like then consider sharing this with your fellow bloggers 🙂



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