Rank Math SEO Review 2020: Best Alternative For Yoast

Whenever we talk about doing SEO of WordPress blog then which plugin comes in mind first. absolutely Yoast SEO. Today I am going to tell you about the newly released SEO plugin called Rank Math SEO.

I am not mean but since some months Yoast making so many problems for my WordPress blogs. After 7.0 version bug, you can say Yoast totally destroyed my blog rankings.

After that, I start for searching alternative and I found one 🙂

Let me tell you about Rank Math 🙂

Rank Math SEO Introduction:

Rank Math is newly fresh SEO plugin for WordPress designed and developed by a company called MyThemeShop.

They are already famous for providing awesome and beautiful premium themes for WordPress.

According to MyThemeShop, they are working in this plugin almost three years to make it one of the awesome SEO plugin.

The goal is to make it more lightweight and optimize with awesome features so everyone will love it.

This plugin comes with many features and helps you to boost your rankings.

The plugin is currently in beta stage but I know MyThemeShop working hard to make it awesome.

Rank Math gives you full control over your WordPress website on page SEO. Even newbie can setup this plugin with just some clicks.


You will get an awesome set of features and modules.You know many top SEO plugins charging for using these type of features. Because it builds ranking factors in mind used by most of the popular search engine algorithm such as Google.

  • Data Importer from Yoast & All in One SEO
  • 404 Monitor
  • AMP
  • Local SEO
  • Redirection
  • Rich Snippets
  • Role Manager
  • Search Console
  • SEO Analysis
  • SiteMap
  • Woocomerce
Rank Math SEO Review 2020: Best Alternative For Yoast 1
Rank Math Features

Data Importer from Yoast & All in One SEO

You can easily import your SEO Settings from old SEO plugin like Yoast to Rank Math in just one click.

This Awesome feature can save a lot of time of bloggers and website owners by not re-optimizing with Rank Math once again

All data in every post and page such as keywords description or any SEO settings.

Rank math will import all with just one click.

Rank Math’s inbuilt import tool is capable of importing:

  • Plugin Settings
  • Post Meta Information
  • Plugin Data
  • Focus Keywords
Rank Math SEO Review 2020: Best Alternative For Yoast 2
Import Data From Other Plugin

I imported all my data without any errors and issues from Yoast to Rank Math SEO.

404 Monitor

This is one of the awesome must-have tools for SEO lovers. All know that google hate 404 errors and you have to fix them as soon as possible to boost your SEO rankings.

Well, Rank Math solved your issue no need to install another plugin. You can monitor your 404 errors in Rank Math 404 monitor logs and fix them.

AMP Module

AMP (Accelerator Mobile Page) is trending now days developed by Google and help you to make your mobile webpage fast for mobile users.

In this modern many visitors use mobile for browsing.

So you have to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile users and make it user-friendly.

Rank Math AMP module is supported with the AMP plugin by Google. You have to install AMP plugin and activate it before can get the module active on your website.

Local SEO

In RankMath Plugin there is an option to add local SEO. Local SEO can help you to bring more organic traffic. Simply enter your business details in Rank Math Local SEO page.

This feature is useful for those who want to target some special country for clients.

Rank Math SEO Review 2020: Best Alternative For Yoast 3
Rank Math Local SEO


This feature will help you to manage all your redirection you made with the easy dashboard. You can use this feature to fix your 404 errors. 😉

Rank Math SEO Review 2020: Best Alternative For Yoast 4
Rank Math Redirection

Rich Snippets

Integrating  Schema.org markup is so easy using Rank Math. This feature in Rank Math SEO plugin allows you to pick the right schema.org markup for your post or page Whether it a recipe, reviews, normal article, music and etc..

Rank Math SEO Review 2020: Best Alternative For Yoast 5
Rank Math Rich Snippets

Role Manager

Role manager is a security option for your website admins. Admins can use this feature to allow others users to use rank math settings or not.

Inbuilt SEO Audit Tool

After all things, you will get a rank math audit tool. This tool will audit your site and tell you some of the most common SEO issues you can fix to boost your site rankings.

Rank Math SEO Review 2020: Best Alternative For Yoast 6
Audit Tool

Final WordPress:

Well, to be honest, there are a lot of other features in rank math I missed. If I start typing then this Rank Math Review will take too much time to publish.

But using for almost two months I am quite satisfied. I must say you should start exploring rank math features and tools.

The plugin is in beta stage but MyThemeShop team working hard to released as soon they can.

If you have any questions please comment below. I love to solve them 🙂

Download Rank Math SEO