Top 10 Popular Pakistani Bloggers And Their Blogs 2019

Hi, Readers hope all good. Well, first of all, thank a lot for your support. My blog is Going Super Good. Blogging becoming popular day by day.

Many Popular Professionals Pakistani Bloggers making thousands $$$$ from blogging.

And Also blogging is becoming a profession for them. Now Even Small seven year old can make a blog easily.

But if you in past you have to learn HTML PHP etc for making a blog. But now you can easily sign up give title and description and start your blogging journey.

In this post, I am going to mention some Popular Pakistani Bloggers

Who living with blogging and blogging is a profession for them. Who spend days and night for making tutorials and courses for

In this post, I ‘ll share Popular Pakistani Bloggers. Who living with blogging and blogging is a profession for them. Who spend days and night for making tutorials and courses for making easy for us to start a blog.

These Popular Pakistani Bloggers inspire me a lot in my blogging journey. And also my favorite ones.

Syed Balkhi From

Top 10 Popular Pakistani Bloggers And Their Blogs 2019 2
If you are a WordPress lover then I ‘ll guarantee that you know Syed balkhi. Many of us don’t know that he is a Pakistani but yes he is a Pakistani blogger but migrated to America. He is the founder of Most popular Site Name Wpbeginner.

Great website for WordPress tutorials. Syed Balkhi birthplace is Karachi Pakistan. Also a founder of many great plugins like OptinMonster etc. Also a founder of another popular site list25. He is verified by Facebook also.

Abdul Wali From

Top 10 Popular Pakistani Bloggers And Their Blogs 2019 3
Abdul Wali sir is my online teacher and my first helper on my blogging journey.

He Was born 6th may 1988 in the Federally Administrated Areas of Pakistan called “FATA”, Wali sir Start his blogging journey in 2010. He is the founder of onlineustaad. 

I ‘ll guarantee that whenever you search for Urdu tutorials For blogging onlineustaad is there to help. I am a regular reader of onlineustaad.

Onlineustaad helps a lot in my blogging Problems.

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai From

Interview With Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai: Start his blogging journey at the end of 2008 as part-time but later he becomes a full-time blogger.

He currently lives in Karachi. He is the author of 3 successful blogs Mybloggertricks SmartEarningMethods and RichIncomeWays.

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai sir is the only blogger from Pakistan who registered his blogging company name ( STC Network ). He creates many widgets and templates for newbies like me :D. Thanks, Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai sir.

His main blog is my blogger tricks.
Stay tuned I ‘ll soon publish an interview with Sir Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai. Update: Here you go (Interview With Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai)

Hassam Ahmad Awan From

Top 10 Popular Pakistani Bloggers And Their Blogs 2019 4

A Beautiful person by nature Hassam Ahmad Awan. lives in Islamabad Beautiful city of Pakistan.

He is 24 years old. He is the founder of an awesome blog name (Bloggingehow). An awesome blog for blogger and WordPress tutorials.

Recently Hassam writes an ebook for those who not know about Backlinks awesome book for newbies. You can buy here

Syed Faizan Ali From

Top 10 Popular Pakistani Bloggers And Their Blogs 2019 5

Syed Faizan Ali is the founder of MyBloggerLab and Templateism.

He is 21 years old according to his blog. He started Blogging when he was just 16 years old. If you are in blogger I hope you visit his blogs for tutorials and templates.

He has been in this field for around five years now and still calls himself a beginner. He also loves gaming and sport.

M Tanveer Nandla

Top 10 Popular Pakistani Bloggers And Their Blogs 2019 6

Tanveer Is known as Dr web from Multan Pakistan. He is very famous among Pakistani and specially Multani Bloggers community. He is the founder of one of the popular and growing website Darsaal.

M Tanveer Nandla Is also mention by many top sites. like (ILM ki Dunya) (pro-Pakistani).

I interviewed Him you can read his full story ( Interview With M Tanveer Nandla Dr. Web Of Pakistan )

Ammar Ali From

Top 10 Popular Pakistani Bloggers And Their Blogs 2019 7

He is Ammar Ali Founder of (Allbloggingtips). This guy is no doubt a genius. He is now 21 but I can’t stop myself to add him in this post. His success is good to point for all of them who says that blogging is waste of time. He proves that if you do blogging with Good strategy then no one can stop you to get success.

He Becomes very famous in a very short time.  And Pakistan is proud of him with is hard work.

Ali Raza From

Ali Raza From

Ali Raza  A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Blogging.

He currently Lives in  Lahore Pakistan. He is the founder of site

You can find many great Internet Marketing Guides guides on his blog.

Muhammad Ismail from

Interview with Muhammad Ismail From
Muhammad Ismail

Muhammad Ismail is from Peshawar and knows as the one of a top blogger from Pakistan.

He is best in amazon affiliate and helping many others to become successful in Amazon through his course (

You should Join His course.

I know him for years and he is the best.

Mohsin Ali Waheed of

Mohsin Ali Waheed of

Mohsin Ali Waheed is one of the talented bloggers of Pakistan,  He’s successfully running a website called” which is providing valuable information related to IT & tips.

Final Words:

If I miss a popular blogger I am really sorry about that because in my eyes these are professional and experts. Do Comment if you want me to add more to this awesome list of Popular Pakistani Bloggers.

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  1. Hello, Sharjeel!

    These all are the best of the bloggers and the proud moment is they are all from Pakistan and making our country's name shining on the horizon of the world!

    They gave in so much consistently and from years! I wished I could be anywhere near to practice the hard work like them in the past.

    They so deserve to be mentioned!

    And I have personally met with Mustafa bhai, Abdul Wali bhai and Ali Raza bhai; they all are fabulous folks to meet and spend time with.

    I am set to meet Syed Balkhi and Hassam bhai in the coming future, InshALLAH! 🙂

    Good work there, buddy! Keep it up!

    ~ Adeel

  2. Wow, is Pakistan that got the highest blogging sites that has helped me increase my traffic and earnings.

    I like wpbeginner and mybloggertricks – they’re my inspiration.

    Do have a nice day

  3. I like wpbeginner and mybloggertricks – they’re my inspiration.
    i am learning from them and start this blog

  4. Really inspiring personalities, i want to become a blogger but i am feeling difficulty to startup i need help.please guide me.

  5. This list needs to be updated with the new start-up blogs in Pakistan. Currently most of the them are related to bloggers which is not being used in 2018.

  6. Thanks you so mach to shearing knodgewle.I think we are missing your name in the list because you are good blogger.Very nice post thanks for sharing this valuable article.very informative i liked very much keep post.
    sikhe all in urdu

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