Best Paypal Alternatives For Bloggers And Freelancers

Is PayPal banned or now working in your country? Try these top 3  Paypal Alternatives.

Paypal is no doubted one of the best ways to transfer your money to your clients or your friends online. It is one of the safe and easy ways.Paypal is much needed for the person like bloggers, internet marketers and who make money online.

But sad to say that in some countries like Pakistan PayPal is banned or not working because of some issues with government and other matters.

Many people make PayPal with fake us address and IP and then cry because PayPal terminate and freeze their accounts and now they can’t use PayPal anymore.

In this post, I am going to show you some of the best top 3 Paypal Alternatives you can choose to transfer your money across worldwide.


Best Paypal Alternatives For Bloggers And Freelancers 1

Payoneer is one of the fastest and growing online money transfer services. Many people are using Payoneer because it is one of the best PayPal alternatives.

It’s little different from PayPal but good to send payments.

Payoneer is used with MasterCard which Payoneer send you for free around the world and charge 25$ maintenance charges a year.

You can choose this MasterCard anywhere where master card accepted.

Payoneer is made to make simple to receive payments from US companies fiverr like, PayPal and other 3500 more.

You can withdraw your money using your MasterCard from any atm machine or you can spend online using your master card.

There is no fee for receiving and sending money from other Payoneer users but they charge 2% fee when you withdraw to your local currency.

But if you receive money from a company they may charge a fee of their own. (Check Below Pic For Info)


  1. Easy to receive money from popular companies.
  2. Free Mastercard.
  3. Free send and receive money from other Payoneer users.
  4. Low withdrawal fee.


  1. It’s difficult to fund Payoneer card as local ban can’t attach.

Google Wallet:

Best Paypal Alternatives For Bloggers And Freelancers 2

Why we choose other when the king is already offering money transfer service. Google wallet is lanuched by Google as the name says with name google checkout but after some time google changes his name to google wallet.

Google Wallet offers similar features like PayPal example credit card processing and invoices.


Best Paypal Alternatives For Bloggers And Freelancers 3

Start with name Moneybookers but changed to skrill offer many features like you can send messages straight from your account and also skrill offer very low prices.

Skrill is very easy to setup and you offer transfer money onto prepaid debit card very fast.

Skrill is also considered one of most popular PayPal alternatives.


  1. Very low in fees on currency transfer.
  2. Have debit master card.
  3. Many online stores support skrill payment.


  1. require extra confirmation to increase wallet limit.
  2. Currency convertion can annoy.

Final Words:

That’s it these are some of popular and famous PayPal alternatives I know. If PayPal is not working in your country then try these if you want to send and receive payments online.

I know PayPal is awesome because almost every online checkout offer to pay from PayPal and above companies, some companies offer checkout from them and this can become annoying.

But what we can do we can only wait for PayPal to launch their services in our country and I hope they ‘ll start soon.

I mostly use my bank card for online transactions this is working for me.

Many experts ll recommend you to make a fake account of PayPal and use it. But if PayPal finds that you are abusing his policies they can freeze your account with all payments inside it.

Lastly, I hope you like this post and find this useful.

Best of luck

1 thought on “Best Paypal Alternatives For Bloggers And Freelancers”

  1. Hello, Sharjeel brother!

    Payoneer is indeed the best alternative out of the two but still, people say (and prefer) to use PayPal if still said we have a problem using it.

    I will push for Payoneer in the future and let’s see if I get a success in convincing. 🙂

    Heard of the Google Wallet for the first time and will check deep into it.

    Skrill is the known service to me though. 🙂

    Thanks for that!

    ~ Adeel

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