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Monsterinsights Review 2020: Popular WordPress Google Analytics Plugin

In this Monsterinsights Review, we are going to talk about one of the most popular WordPress Google analytics called MonsterInsights.

You can use MonsterInsights to connect your WordPress website to Google Analytics and Discover how visitors using your website. So you can optimize your website to make them come back.

Monsterinsights recognized as one of the most popular WordPress Google Analytics with over 30+ Million installed and used by 1 Million + popular brands including Bloomberg, PlayStation, Coca-Cola and more.

Originally created by Yoast One of the most popular WordPress SEO plugin but later acquired by Syed Balkhi.

MonsterInsights Features:

Quick & Easy Setup — I tested many Google analytics and they take a lot of time to set up. Monsterinsights take less than 5 minutes to properly set up and you will start getting your analytics data.

Real-time Stats And Popular Post Tracking — This plugin allows you to see real live stats about your website right in your WordPress Website Dashboard. You can view your popular pages, posts and traffic sources and optimize them accordingly. You will analyze which pages of your website performing well and which are not so you can fix them.

File Download Tracking — You can use MonsterInsights to track of your downloads. By default, Google Analytics only tracks traffic, not your downloads. So if you are offering something to your audience you can track them in the plugin and only produce something your audience wants.

E-commerce Tracking — Monsterinsights give you the functionality to track your e-commerce and easy digital downloads. You can easily setup and integrate google analytics e-commerce tracking in just a few clicks with your WordPress Website.

Ads Tracking — If you want to make money online with Adsense than Monsterinsights can help you to track which Ad banners getting good ad clicks. This will help you to optimize ads placements and you can increase your Adsense income.

Referral & Link Tracking — MonsterInsights will help you to analyze your visitors and you can check from where the visitors coming from and which posts links they are clicking so you can optimize those posts.

This List of features growing.

Google Analytics Settings:

Try MonsterInsights today and find out why this is one of the most popular Google Analytics plugin for your WordPress website.

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