Interview With Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai From Mybloggertricks

Finlay, I Took Interview with Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai from Mybloggertricks. I hope you don’t need any introduction from him. He is my mentor my inspiration and One of the Top Blogger From Pakistan (Top 5 Popular Bloggers From Pakistan).

I am feeling very proud that he give me his most important time for this interview. My Thanks is not enough. He is the founder of MybloggerTricks and Company StcNetwork.

I know whenever you search for anything like bloggers problem I ll guarantee that you visit his blog and your problem solved very Easily.

Further Talk Let’s Start This Awesome Interview With Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai From Mybloggertricks.

I am very happy to have you here. Thanks for joining this interview.

Thank you so much for the honor Malik Sharjeel. I wonder why people interview me when in fact I am just a small head in the queue. It is surely your kind gesture.

You do not need to give an introduction to me but for my readers. Please tell us about you, how did you start and how you found your love for Blogger? And your blog Links?

I run an online company called STCnetwork where we offer web services and web solutions to clients around the globe. It is the first registered company of Professional Bloggers in Pakistan.

We started promoting blogging and E-commerce business in the country in 2008, and since then, this struggle did not stop. We continue motivating the youth to start their online business by conducting seminars and conferences in different schools, colleges, and university across the country.

My story of starting blogging is linked with a US Visa disqualification. I was a hard working student but could not qualify for a VISA due to the weak financial background. The embassy was interested the least in my academics and the most in my bank balance. Tears rolled down my cheeks that day in Islamabad US Embassy but I made a commitment with myself that I won’t proceed with my studies anymore as long as I have not proven myself to this materialistic world.

I paused my studies for a year to get rid of the growing depression. During this time I came across Google Pages, Google Sites and then ultimately Google Blogger & AdSense which changed my life dramatically. I experimented with these platforms and worked on my skills of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. My hobby of customizing these platform sites equipped me with an excellent art of web designing. I started sharing tutorials of whatever I came across. I would learn, practice and sharethat’s how I become a blogger!

Today more than 100,000+ subscribers read our articles on a daily basis and we have succeeded in educating thousands of students in India and Pakistan to make a living online doing blogging.

Following are some of our network sites and blogs:


We are also partners in some eCommerce sites such as:

  3. Koti.Pk (In Process)

Many Recommend WordPress but you are on blogger. What your thoughts about WordPress and why are you on Blogger?

If you are a good driver, then it won’t matter whether its a Toyota Car or Honda Car. A good driver is just focused on his destination. That’s how I compare WordPress CMS with Blogger CMS. They both are different products but serves a common purpose. If you know SEO well, you won’t participate in this debate ever. Today my blogger sites make us more money and generate more traffic compared to our WordPress sites. All that matters is how well you optimize your content and publish nothing but quality.

Why waste $150 a year using WordPress for starting blogging when you can do it for free (i.e., $10/year with a custom domain) using Blogger? Blogger made my life, and it changed the lives of millions. I will continue contributing to this great platform and will help people to take their blogs to the next level.

I have written a detailed tutorial that people can read to discover whether to choose Blogger or WordPress for starting a blog.

Mybloggertricks don’t need any introduction. Please tell us how you made this blog so popular and how much is your content writing frequency?

I have a basic rule of KISS. Publish nothing but unique and trending stuff. That’s it! SERPs follows content. If your content is not unique or trending, then it can not survive for long.

At my blogger tricks, we have Alhamdulillah transformed complex algorithms into simple widgets and plugins that are a need of every blogger. People can use these widgets to revamp their blogs with a complete design rollover without having to learn web development or coding. Some people even call my blogger tricks as an encyclopedia for Google Blogger blogs because it contains almost every guide from Blogging Tips, Template Development, SEO, Monetization till Widget creation. Everything is explained in simple plain English that anyone can understand.

Publishing unique stuff is one thing that helped MBT blog to survive for over eight years and attract readers across the globe.

Why do some people fail at blogging?

When you violate copyrights of developers, publish content of someone else without credit attribution, or when you clone ideas, you are simply doing harm to no one but to your online reputation. Content thefts and algorithm thefts do not survive longer online and those who survive, do not succeed in gaining the respect of the community.

Every time I am searching for something on Google about Blogger Tutorials, Mybloggertricks is already sitting there to help me. How many efforts are you making to do SEO for your blog and please tell few of them which are helping you to get such high rank in Google?

I brainstorm myself before writing an article. I explore the web to ensure if the article is not already published. If in case it is released then I make sure to make it even better than my competitors by doing keyword research in order to rank higher in SERPs. I do this by avoiding some Common SEO mistakes that most bloggers and content writers make. I have explained them all inside this detailed tutorial:

Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

I never listened to my heart but the brain always. My heart wants me to spend more time hanging out with friends, watching movies, spending time on Facebook/YouTube, be lazy in my prayers, sleep more and work less but on contrary the brain advice me to make better use of my time and utilize it into something more productive. The brain advice’s me to spend on assets rather liabilities.

How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently? Like for your family and for blogs?

I keep weekend for friends and the time before/after office for the family. That’s how I manage work and family! 🙂

The biggest advantage of an entrepreneur is that he can choose to go or not to go office anytime he wants. When I am not in the mood or when the family needs me, I rarely attend office.

Recently Almighty Allah Bless you with beautiful and very cute Daughter (IFZA) Congrats. In the future can we see IFZA in the blogging world or you think better for him?

Blogging helps to nurture your communication skills and verbal expression. It helps you not only in monetary terms but it also helps you to become a better human being by interacting with the world outside and understand how the world works, thinks and speaks.

Of course, I would wish to see my baby girl IFZA doing blogging in future no matter what field of education she may join. I wish to see her becoming a doctor but I will leave it completely on her to see what interests her more. Read below to know more about IFZA. 🙂

How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

Spending more time understanding how can I sleep less and work more. The only way to do that is through spiritual development. If I am able to do work more, I can help not only myself but the people around me. I wish to contribute as much to the society as possible on practical grounds.

What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

My greatest failure was not understanding the difference between assets and liabilities. I came to know its difference just a year ago. I talked about it in my recent seminar at EUREKA

Tell me about your proudest achievement?

When I became a father to an angel-like princess! 🙂

What is the biggest challenge in your blogging journey so far?

Understanding Google and its mood swings! Blogging is a blessing if you know Google well enough else its a headache. I still spend hours understanding SEO and its proper implementation.

Can you name some of your favorite bloggers and explain why they are your favorites?

Of course, how can I forget mentioning my mentors!

My mentors were two Indian bloggers named Divya Sai from  and Aneesh Joseph from The inspired me and introduced me to Blogger and since then my life transformed from a blogger to an entrepreneur.

They are my favorites because they were hard working, humble, polite and always ready to help without any materialistic intentions. Most Pro bloggers today look more like a grocery store and less like mentors, unfortunately.

What are your future plans and how are you going to achieve them?

I will try my best to become a better human being and stay focused on what I am doing. Staying faithful to God Almighty and remaining helpful to His creation. I just want to become a better Human in this world where humanity barely exists anymore.

What do you think about my blog? I am going Good

You are extremely polite and blessed with a humble character, these two qualities are enough to succeed you with your future endeavors and in your blogging career. As long as you have these habits, you will continue to be loved and respected by 2 billion people online!

Your content is unique, Note the SEO points I mentioned in the interview and you are good to go forever. Keep inspiring us!

How my readers can contact you?

I can be contacted via my contact page at or, or they can follow our seminar updates and visit our office by connecting through these FB pages:

STC Network

Favorite Quote

Do your best and God will do the rest.

Well, thank you so much, Sir, for your most valuable time for my little blog. May Almighty Allah give you more success in Future.

Thank you, the great man, for honoring a small man worth your time and interview. May Allah succeed you in all your online endeavors and goals in life. Peace and blessings buddies. You all deserve a future far better and brighter than anyone who inspires you. May God be your guide always.

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  1. Hi Sharjeel,
    Mustafa brother is really an inspiration for all and I have been following his blog since a long ago!
    Thanks for the awesome interview of a beasty blogger 😉
    I wish you best of luck for your blog.
    ~ Ahmad

  2. I must say that 8 out of 10 Newbie Pakistani Bloggers know about two persons; Mustafa AhmedZai and Abdul Wali.

    Well, it’s strange to know a Pro Blogger like Ahmedzai bhai is using Blogger platform and playing very well.

    Love this line: If you are a good driver then it wont matter whether its a Toyota Car or Honda Car.

  3. He is such a humble and intelligent person that Allah blessed him with a lot of success! Thank you Sharjeel for reminding us again about Mustafa Bhai once again 🙂

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