Link-able Review – A Unique Platform For Content Marketers

As a Content Marketer, it can be hard to get high-quality backlinks to promote your content. That’s where Link-able comes in. Link-able is a unique new platform that is designed to help Content Marketers with awesome content get high-quality backlinks.

Launched November 2018 by Jay Douglas, Link-able aims to make link building easier for Content Marketers in all niches with exceptional content. Link-able is the perfect place for Content Marketers to get discovered by talented Content Authors (basically guest authors and SEOs) who can apply to build quality backlinks for you on the platform.

What Does Link-able do?

Their mission is simple – help Content Marketers promote their content and acquire the best quality backlinks to their website while helping Content Authors earn better revenue with their writing.

It’s a great platform that helps both parties by connecting them together, creating links for marketers and link building job opportunities for authors.

How it Works

Using Link-able is easy and saves tons of time for Content Marketers. Content Marketers can post a project on the Link-able platform with a detailed description. Think of this project as a mini job post for authors on the platform.

Link-able then indexes the information and displays it in relevant search results for Content Authors who are searching for something similar. If the Content Author likes the project and thinks they can create a backlink for you, they can then submit a brief application (like a job proposal) to you.

Content Marketers have total control over accepting or declining all applications they may receive. So you can simply review the details of each application and choose to hire the ones you want. In each application, you’ll see relevant info such as how the author plans to link your content, where it will be published, and how much they will charge.

If the Content Marketer chooses to accept the application, the Content Author will then work on building the link requested.

Over time, Content Marketers can accumulate more relevant and diverse backlinks to their content which boosts their organic traffic. This makes Link-able a truly valuable tool for Content Marketers in today’s highly competitive market which gives them a huge advantage over the competition.

How to Get Started with Link-able

Getting started as a Content Marketer on the Link-able platform is easy and takes only a few minutes to get setup.
1. First, you’ll need to have a website or blog that you want to build high-quality backlinks to.
2. Next, you’ll need to apply to join Link-able as a Content Marketer. Note that Link-able is very strict and not all applicants are accepted. They only accept marketers with high-quality websites.
3. If you’re accepted, you can then login to your dashboard and get started by posting a project (again a project, is like a job posting that represents a specific page you want to build links too).
4. Next, just sit back and wait as Content Authors writing an article on similar topics will see your project and ask if they can link to it.
5. Finally, you as the Content Marketer can review their proposals and choose which links you want.
You can rest easy knowing that the authors will successfully do the work they say they will in their application as Link-able holds their payments in escrow and will enforce quality work before they can get paid. Furthermore, they offer you like the Content Marketer, a limited warranty for each link built within an accepted application. This is a huge plus because it further ensures that Content Marketers are getting the best backlinks to their sites no matter what.
Platform Guidelines

Link-able is an effective, efficient, and impactful way to get great links to your content. It helps eliminate all that tedious guest posting and outreaching you typically would need to do yourself.

There are very strict guidelines for using the Link-able platform which helps ensure you are only getting the best content. Link-able’s mission is to help Content Marketers build the highest quality backlinks possible to their website ultimately providing a better web for everyone. So they are very tough on spam!

The guidelines for the Link-able platform are simple and designed to ensure the best quality work for all the Content Marketers using the site.
• Link-able does not allow any websites in the adult or gambling industry.
• Link-able reserves the right to refuse any website they deem as poor quality or unfit for any of the services offered.
• No spam or thin affiliate sites are allowed.
• No eCommerce sites either with only product pages.
• Any attempts to spam, misuse, manipulate earnings or payments, or submit false information on the platform is prohibited and will void any refunds, guarantees, or earnings through Link-able.
• For more information, refer to Link-able’s terms of use page.

Why Use Link-able?

Easily get discovered by well-known Content Authors who work in a variety of industries on the Link-able platform. Link-able acts as a search engine for Content Authors who are looking for something they can link to in their work.

This is an important aspect for Content Marketers because it gives you the opportunity to get discovered by well-known authors who have the ability to provide the links needed to get your content found online.

Is Link-able White Hat?

You can rest easy knowing that Link-able is white hat as they require all Content Authors to only use white hat link building techniques. Link-able itself is simply a platform that connects you with Content Authors who can build links for you.

They prohibit Content Authors from purchasing any links on sites or performing any black hat link building techniques. Furthermore, Link-able thoroughly reviews the author’s work to ensure quality and adherence to white hat link building.

In addition to thoroughly reviewing the author’s work, Link-able also requires Content Marketers only have high-quality websites or blogs with content worthy of being linked too. This not only creates a valuable link but also reduces spam.


There are many features that make Link-able a great benefit for Content Marketers. With an easy signup process, easy to use the platform, and strict set of guidelines, Content Marketers can leave the hard work of link building in the hands talented and experienced Content Authors and watch the traffic roll in.

This is certainly a great platform for anyone wanting to drive traffic to their site and increase their site’s popularity. Sign up today to see what Link-able can do for your Content Marketing goals.

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