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Hi guys how are you hope all good? Today I am going to interview one of the amazing guys from my country (Pakistan) Qasim Hussain. He is now an inspiration of many online workers like me.

With almost no IT background and with no knowledge at all. He manages to learn how to code and started one of the awesome travel agency software (Phptravels).

Before the success of phptravels, he did so many small jobs like a call center, plumber, labor, technician.

In 2010 he takes interest in the computer and there his journey to success started.

Why I am telling lets Qasim tell you the whole story of his success. 🙂

Tell us about yourself and your vision?

I’m still in the search of my vision. I think still I need to learn a lot to build a vision.

But if you want to know about my wish and legacy which I want to leave before I die is I want to build a silicon valley in Pakistan. which can help our youth and people of all the age to work together for the betterment of the world.

How do you get into coding stuff and web development? Which Coding editors you used for your projects?

Back in 2012 may I came to Pakistan for some reasons. When you shift from country to another it becomes very unusual for you to do the same business or job after migrating. When I came I saw there is a lot of potential in IT, especially in Lahore in those days.

I living in a call center of PTCL where I made many new friends and learn how they do provide support and this is how I became know little more about IT and it benefits.

Cut the long story to short I done many things and then started learning photoshop online from youtube any different free resources websites and then a friend of my told me about freelancing which was a great suggestion from him.

I joined and worked 8 months on this platform without getting a single project. after 8 months I got a project and because I was not so good with my product I lost the job and freelancer added -$80 to my account which is still not paid 😀 anyhow.

I kept having good faith and then I got the first project second project third project and so on. then I became to know there something called HTML and CSS which we can use to design websites as well. I started learning again in HTML and CSS from youtube and many other sites such as are one of them.

While learning and working in HTML and CSS it became my passion and sources of entertainment. still, the date I enjoy designing websites. even phptravels is completely has been completely designed by me and I still love to make new designs just to enjoy my creativity and the tools I use.

So coming to your question now. I have used so many editors and IDE I think every tool are great it has a lot of different features which you may not able to use in other tools but somehow we all have to stick with some editors to speed up the progress of our coding.

I personally at the moment use RapidPHP for HTML coding and I use Sublime to write my CSS styles.

How you came up with the idea of phptravels and what is the aim of phptravels?

I have a good experience in travel sector I have worked in Saudi Arabia as a travel agent I used to work every year in the Pakistani embassy as well every year for almost 7 years I worked as a hotel reception. I managed and accommodated people from different nations for 7 years.

So when I came to Pakistan I as I mentioned above the whole story after working as a freelancer I needed to build a product.

Like one day I was thinking about these mega companies like Google Microsoft and apple. I told to myself when these guys can make such great and brilliant products then don’t me or us? so started watching motivational videos.

I started following the CEOs of these companies I have read their entire life stories to be inspired and become too much motivated as well. then I had to decide which category or business I need to focus so I again watched a lot of new videos and made many types of research that what is the best way to know what I can be best at and amazingly.

I become to know the experiences of the past can change the future. so worked on my own self to understand what is the best thing I can do and what the experiences I have in my earlier life. and it was the travel industry. so in my past, I have good experience in the travel industry and in the present I have great front-end skills I decided to merge these two into PHPTRAVELS.

PHPTRAVELS became a huge success of my life just because of my good and bad experiences which helped me to reach here today where I’m.

How phptravels get so much success? Can you share some strategies or tips?

The story about success is very simple. I don’t believe so much into imaginations. I know imagination is good and there is no limit you can be the prince in your imaginations and it also feels good but that’s not fact nor practical I believe we need to be very straight and practical in our life.

The perfect word for this would be we should be ( Real ) to our self before jumping to any business or education center we all have to prepare our self mentally.

If someone is not ready mentally it is next to impossible for him to become a successful person. that is what I believe. if I write about how to become successful I will make it very simple and straight. PHP travels were successful due to many reasons.

I was so lucky I made a good research before working on PHPTRAVELS and got extraordinary results. which kept me driving crazy 2 years of the first production. I believe every one of us should make a proper research about anything we do in our life.

I remember “ Jack Ma ” the CEO of Alibaba he said I think 1 minute before I make any decision of my life.

I followed many successful people and learn from their videos a lot so the first lesson to make a proper research. Number two would be once you made a decision forget about anything you see around you just keep working on your mission until or unless you become close to what you have decided to do.

You may see many new sweets and salts in your journey and you have to taste them but keep in mind your fruit is better than all of this.

Number third I would say always be optimistic and think creatively. work on new ideas doesn’t do that same old stuff again and again just because your father or family wanted you to do so. because tomorrow if you failed you will learn from yourself but if you made a decision because of other people’s wishes you will never learn from it.

I’m a very hard working person I love to do that. Love your job or business keep your anger aside it’s not going to help you in your business you have to be very smart you have to manage your time perfectly.

I remember someone said the good boss is the one who awakes before anyone else and goes to his bed after everyone gets to sleep and I seriously believe in this theory I suggested everyone work so hard and let the world see you and get inspired by your work but make sure you work smartly as well.

Always make the proper research about the market. always there is a hole in every market and to become a true entrepreneur what you need on the first step is you need to find that hole and then fix it using your solutions. the more you fix the more you become successful.

How do you manage time to run your business efficiently?

I must tell you running a business internationally for a multi-trillion dollars industry is not that easy to manage. Especially when you are coming from very poor IT background. But I also believed in my life that hope can change the world when it can change the world it can change you as well.

So having a good and positive hope with gratitude will always help you to grow. I try to use latest tools to manage my team and company for example for task management we use Trello for communication we use slack for development and file syncing we use dropbox and git and many other tools.

The best way to manage business use the latest tools because in IT we have machines and software which can work behalf of us and reduce a working headache that is why we use different tools to organize our task and get things done on time with the best production

What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the blog?

I started blog many times but I never continued as a professional blogger because I think I’m not so good with writing and also I have not a good interest in writing or working for blogs but yes blogging is amazing job and it can help anyone to become a good writer and change the world with his visionary words.

According to traffic, I don’t think is one single good source to be written here in this article. I think you need to work on so many different things to drive a great traffic to your website.

The best way which I do most of the time I make proper SEO and I focus on mobile friend and site optimization a lot I always make sure the sources I’m using are up to date and friendly to be used in the website.

I believe also the creativity colors combination logo and all the user experiences are also more way important to be enhanced week by week or at least every month.

What do you think is the ideal working environment and struggles that helped you as well that has impacted most?

I don’t think the environment outside of our body is so much important I think we don’t need to give so much credit or importance to it rather than the environment inside our body.

I believe our mental health is more important bad experiences are very important. because when you talk about the internet we all have the same google and facebook whatever the environment we are sitting.

So it does not make a big difference to me because the person inside you needs to be more strong than the environment you select to work at.

Tell me about your proudest achievement? And proudest moments?

I have a very bad memory but then I remember II gifted refrigerator to my wife on her birthday when I made 35,000 from my 3rd project of web designing so yes I know it is funny but I still remember those great moments by 2nd good memory about achievement is I went Saudi Arabia to meet my family and performed umrah after the struggle of 3 years.

It was great to meet my relatives and see the happiness in their eyes for me because most of my family and relatives tough I will be finished in Pakistan but Alhamdulillah Allah have good plans for everyone.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have no spare time I work almost 14 – 16 hours a day and I love to do that. I have Sunday free time for my family and kids so I enjoy that like any other ordinary person with the family. rest of the all-time I work and I believe I have to work even more because.

abhi to party shoro hoi hei 😉 (The party just started)

How do you motivate yourself to keep up and running?

yes, I do often but if you ask me what is the secret to my success I tell your family. I’m a person who is very close to family and I believe good families can help you to succeed faster than others in your journey.

As usual as the average for any other families survival, my family also survived a lot so it was my aim to serve my family first of all.

If someone wants to start coding which language you think is Easy to start and help him in the future?

I always believe in basics and I think the base for everything in IT is Photoshop because it helped me a lot in my career whether it’s web designing or personal life photoshop helped me in so many different aspects.

I highly suggest you learn photoshop you can not only design your business cards but you can even design your own marriage card too 😀

Who are your mentors? and and rest is life

What are your futures Goals?

After so many hard years I become to know we should set our goal and forget it and then focus on the journey rather than the goal itself. I’m still in the search of goal may be it takes a few more years but I feel I’m very close to that but decided yet. I hope before 2025 I will be ready to work on my goal 🙂

One small and actionable tip for starters to follow?

never focus on money or achievements always put your head into information and education. google changed my life from nothing to something it can also help you and google now have more information than 2012 when I started so the good news for you google anything you wanted to do and you will get the best information.

Even you can ask the same question to google and you will get the finest answer.

If someone wants to contact you?

I’m always open to meet and greet new people. I believe social life is very important to be successful I started meeting new people and making friends from around the globe from last year and I found a very great people such as you 🙂

so yes. contacting me is very simple I don’t use text messaging I feel its a waste of time so I use WhatsApp voice notes and I must tell you it saves a lot of time and keep voices inbox all the time which is the great tool for me. so below is my mobile number you can send me anytime your voice ;

Thank you so much, Qasim Hussain, for this interview.
Thank you, Malik Sharjeel Tahir, for having me with you and it was a great interview for me.

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