Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense For My Blogs

Google Adsense is no doubt is one of the easy and popular way to make some easy money from your blog but there are some reasons that why i hate Google Adsense and i want to tell you.

I am not saying that you should leave Adsense completely these are just my personal thoughts 🙂

Many new bloggers think that Google Adsense is one of the only way to make money online from blogs if Google Adsense not approve them they leave blogging.

I want to tell my new bloggers buddies that you are wrong adsense is not the only source to make money online there are thousands of way for bloggers to make money online.

1: First One And Big One Hard To Approve:

Many bloggers asked me through facebook and from this blog that adsesne is not approving there blogs.

Google is very strict nowadays and hardly approve sites which are 6 months or one year old.

If you just set up a perfect site and applied then there are very fewer chances that they are going to approve.

You can read Google Adsense Approval Guide And Tips For Beginners just in case you want to know what criteria Google Adsense need. I also wrote some tips 🙂

2: Adsense Can Disturb Your visitors:

Adsense can disturbed and make your valuable visitors to leave your site one of the big reason why i hate Google Adsense. Google Adsense are CPC bases network.

When someone click on your Google Adsense ads they leave your site because google ads don’t open in new window.

I hope you don’t want to lose your highly valuable readers just for some cents 🙂

3: To Many Rules To Follow:

You have to follow a lot of Adsense rules and if you break only one rule accidentally or by chance you ll face ban or they ll not approve your blog.

4: Low CPC (Cost Pet Click):

You need to find good and high CPC keywords for your blog and you have to target high CPC countries like US to make some good money from google adsense.

If you are not from countries like US then forget about earning huge. Adsense pay very less per click.

For rich countries pay per click is good like 1$ or 2$ and even high. Depends on keywords.

If your sites getting some small amount of traffic like 100 or 1000 daily then you can earn 0.01$ or 0.05$ per click.

So this mean 1$ to 10$ month.

5: No Control On Ads:

There are millions of advertisers and might be more who use Google Adsense.

You have no control who can advertise on your blog.

6: No Support At All:

Google Adsense gives you option to contact them if you are facing any problem but you have to wait many days even months to get reply because they receive tons of emails daily and your number is queue.

So you can aspect your reply after some months or sometimes not 🙂

7: Once Banned Means Banned:

IF you applied to google Adsense for your newly created blog even if you are following Google TOS and rules and they rejected you.

Google Adsense then banned your URL and this mean you cannot apply to Adsense with that blog in future no application or request.

Forgot the Adsense for that blog now.

8: Delay In Payment:

Firstly adsense need to verify your home address for this adsense ll send you a pin number by post when your earnings reach 10$ and you have to wait for month or days depend on your home location or address.

Then you have to verify and can receive payments from Google Adsense.

And to receive payments you have to wait some weeks to get a cheque.

9: Increase Page Load Time:

One of important reason i hate Google Adsense because Google Adsense adds send a lot of request to Google servers which increase page load time and make your site load very slow. You can scan your blog before and after removing Google Adsense.

Speed is one of the ranking factors and you have to improve your blog and decrease page load time.

10: You Need Good Amount Of Traffic:

You need high number of traffic to make good income from Adsense otherwise you will make very low income.

That’s why i love affiliate marketing you just need targeted traffic to make handsome income.

Final Words And Thoughts:

Again saying that i am not against Google Adsense. Google Adsense is no doubt is one of the awesome platform but Google has to improve some things to make it more awesome. These are just my personal thoughts that why i hate Google Adsense.

I want your thoughts? Do comments and let me know 🙂

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