Top 4 Most Important Google Ranking Factors In 2019

Google is upgrading Day by day and making a lot of changes since I step in blogging. Google ranking factors are one of the most important things all bloggers should learn.

Google uses 200+ ranking factors in their algorithm to check your blog quality and rank your blog.

For me, these top 4 are most important Google ranking factors and you should work on them to rank your blog.

So let’s read.

Move To Https:

Every new or existing site owner now need to know that they should install SSL (https) on sites for security reasons.

Back some time SSL is important for sites which accept payments or collect important information from visitors like credit cards or other important.

Installing SSL is like installing extra lawyer to security and encrypted this information so no one can get it because this is so hard to get information from SSL blogs.

Now google confirm that SSL is important for every blog even they are not accepting payments or collecting. Even they said that SSL now a ranking factor and chances are high that they will convert https is one of the most important Google ranking factors.

Google chrome one of the most popular googles web browser ll mark HTTP sites as ‘not secure’ started back in July 2017.

So you should think about it and considering installing good SSL.

You can buy SSL from sites like Namecheap or Comodo. They are popular ones.

If you cannot afford then nowadays many hosting like Bluehost and inmotion providing free SSL for all customers. You can install from cpanal.

You should contact your hosting if you cannot install they will do it for you or you can read many guides from google. 🙂

After this, you should consider adding a new property to your google webmaster tools and change HTTP to https in your google analytics property settings.

Also, make sure that you add a redirection so if a visitor land on your HTTP version of the site they ll automatically redirect to https secure version so you cannot face a duplicate penalty because Google treats https and HTTP as a different site.

Also, change all your links on your blog from HTTP to https so you will not face mix content error a plugin like really simple SSL can help if you cannot do the manual work which is complicated for you.

So read my words 2018 and future are SSL sites and move to SSL as soon as possible 😉


If you ask me who is king in blogging then I will say SEO is king and content is queen so you have to make your queen happy.  Those days are gone when you write little and google ll rank you.

Nowadays top bloggers writing 10000+ words guides to rank well in Google search results and google love them too because they are putting something valuable in their posts.

Dig deep and put all thing you know about the topic in the post you are writing.

Users ll stay long and post ll surely rank well besides other low quality blog posts.

  1. Use videos and a lot of images for clarification in the blog post.
  2. Link other top blogs posts for reference.
  3. Use infographics.
  4. Use gifs or funny pics to engage with your readers.

Most importantly check or re-read your post before publishing. Make sure that there are no grammatical errors or your content is optimized for the reader and for search engines.

If you start giving respect to your readers with high quality readers then you ll get respect from your readers. They ll come back to read more and they ll share your blog with other readers they know and you all get good exposures.

So I hope you know how much content of blog is important.

Grab a cup of coffee and start writing 😉

Mobile Optimized:

Now the majority of readers come from mobiles, tablets, and Google is also working hard to make sure that all websites are Mobile Optimized. I can give you guarantee that this one ll become one of the important Google ranking factors.

So for this always choose the good and responsive theme which fit and automatically adjust its sizes accourding to different mobiles.

Google also released its project called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). If your theme is not responsive and you don’t want to change that then this is your option you can install AMP on your blog and customize it for your needs.

If you are on WordPress you can follow Yoast AMP guide to setup Amp on WordPress blog.

This project ll make your mobile blog speed super optimized.

So make sure that your mobile readers feel good on your mobile version of the site and they will stay more.

If you are not optimizing your mobile version of the site then you are losing a ton of awesome readers and traffic which can give you good sales.

Google is making sure that everyone starts optimizing there the mobile version of a site and if they not google start de-ranking them and penalizing them.


Every readers or visitors love to visit or surf high speed optimized site and google also prefer giving good ranking in search results those load fast.

You should think about your blog speed and start working on it. Make sure that your blog load under 2 or 3 seconds or max 5 seconds.

Most of the visitors like me 😛 ll leave your site if your site does not load under 5 seconds and this can drop your rankings and increase your bounce rate.

I already writhed a detailed guide on this topic how you can speed up WordPress blog 🙂

So make sure that you will follow all steps.

Final Words:

So these are the top 4 google ranking factors according to me you should care about and start working on it to improve it.

Make sure that your blog is improved and optimized for latest SEO trends and factors and google and other search engines will love your blog.

Do follow google official blog for latest news and other things.

Do let me know your thoughts in comment section below.

I hope you like this post if you do then a share will be appreciated 🙂



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