Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers (2019)

Are you applying for Google Adsense? But disappointed to know that you are rejected by Google Adsense. No Problem here are some Adsense Alternatives which you can use to make money online.

Google Adsense is no doubt is one of the easy and good ways to earn online for beginners. Getting Adsense or you can say that approving AdSense is now a difficult task for new bloggers.

Many new bloggers try to apply for Google Adsense but sadly face rejection. So in this post, I am going to tell you about some Google Adsense Alternatives You Can Choose to earn online.


This is the platform provided by yahoo and bing. This platform is quite similar to Google AdSense and is a great Alternative to Google AdsenseTop 5 Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers (2019) 1

You ‘ll get quite similar features which you can get from Google Adsense.

You can customize your ads for your needs or for your blog needs.

They support mobile ads.

If you have a responsive blog then chances are high that they ll perform well.

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2. Infolinks:

Infolinks is known as one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives. 

Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers (2019) 2

I have seen many blogs on infolinks and they are earning well with infolinks.

Infolinks pay you in clicks on your site. They don’t pay you per impression but rather per click.

They prove in text advertisements means they ‘ll turn your keywords in post into advertisements and when some one click on it you can earn.

The beautiful thing of infolinks is that they ll do all optimization auto means their system will just automatically turn keywords into your content to ads.

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3. BuySellAds

If your blog is getting high traffic and impressions. Then you can make money with buysell ads. Its a network where you will submit your blog and they will review and approve it.wi

Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers (2019) 3

Its actually an advertisement platform from where you can create unite place on your blog and advertisers can sponsor their products.

You can set up your prices like below post area, header, or header right side.

If your site is not getting good traffic then this platform can’t approve your blog.

With this platform, you don’t need to do work manually this is completely automatic.

This platform is for huge and branded blogs.

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4. Affiliate Marketing:

Well, it’s not a tool or a program but this can be a good thing in my post about Google Adsense alternatives.

Affiliate Marketing: In affiliate marketing, you have to choose a product based on your niche and sign up for his affiliate program.

Then you have to promote that particular product in your blogs of other places. When someone buys with your affiliate links then you ‘ll get some commission decided by that product or company program which you agree for.

You have to choose high commission-based products if you really want to earn some good money.

You can also join ShareAsale to search and join great Affiliate Programs

5. Amazon Associates:

Amazon is one of most popular and world best e-commerce store on the internet. If you have a site like product reviews or other product sites so you can make good income through the Amazon affiliate program.

You first need to sign up and make an affiliate account using this ( link ). They give 10% commission on all there products if someone buys with your link.

Many bloggers own Amazon affiliate sites and making huge income. You can find many examples but I know one guy Name Lukman Khan own a site called ( and he is making 40,000$ per month from his Amazon affiliate site.

So if you are rejected by Google Adsense and you are writing products revies then Amazon affiliate program is a best Google Adsense Alternatives for you.


  1. Provide every information you know about the product in your review this ll help you increase your user trust.
  2. Do write the pros and cons of that particular product in your review. Pros and cons are a great way to engage your readers and chances increase that they ll surely buy with your link.

Final Words:

There are tons of way for you to earn from your blog.

So don’t demotivate your self and try these free Google Adsense Alternatives for your blogs.

If you have some strategies then honestly you don’t need any Google Adsense to earn.

You can found many top blogs who are earning huge with affiliate marketing and other things.

Now it’s your turn try them and see if you can get an account I am sure you get if your blog is not against there TOS.

I will try my best to update this list with more platforms.

14 thoughts on “Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers (2019)”

  1. Actually, I have tried all of them as Google Alternatives. But The truth is that no one competes with Adsense at all. For smaller blogs I would like to share my own experience about:

    1. Amazon Display ads: one of LOW CPM ad network.
    2. Bidvertisor and Clicksor: serve low-quality ads, so your site may be flagged as malicious.
    3. Viglink, Skimlinks, Infolinks, Chitika: Low rates. Infolinks makes blogs look too busy when they use the iframe and infold ads.
    4. RevenueHits is a SPAM ad networks. You can check it’s reputation on the internet.
    5. Adversal, Adsoptimal, Media[.]net are still BEST high paying Google Adsense alternatives for our blog. They have better designs, which provides better result next to AdSense.

    From my own blog monetizing experience, I would like to say, don’t limit yourself to any one AD NETWORK. Try other ad networks and see which one work the best with your micro-niche blog. Since you are trying the micro-niche blog, try monetizing with affiliate products. I would recommend to you & for others to try more network, and figure out which one is working best for their blog type.

  2. I love Amazon Associates Malik. Slowly earning more through that channel. All good alternatives my man. Great post and great looking blog.

  3. Hi malik,
    I have been blogging for over 1 year now and never intent to have adsense or any other ad network in my blog. Yes! I was apply for adsense with one of my clients blog but unfortunately they didn’t approve it and even after three submission, they never give an exact reason why they ignoring this blog. Only one message “This site is not comply with our quality guidelines”. The sad thing is we can not identify the reason and still playing with bubbles.

  4. I have been using Adsense, but it takes ages to reach the threshold for a newbie like me. Would like to try out more options. Excellent list of the best Google Adsense alternatives. But I personally prefer to monetize the blog with and Mellowads those ad networks are great for small and low traffic blog. Even my website was not approved by google adsense.

    After reading this article I went ahead with the alternatives and got it approved. Later I got adsense approval too. I always google for information about making online money, and now end up at your article, it clears almost all of my doubts. Thanks for sharing such valuable information. I have one challenge and that’s the fact that I give up so easily. Immediately AdSense didn’t approve me easily, I lost interest in a blog that was already generating over 10k page views in a day.

    However, thanks for sharing your experienced list to get me back to the game. Great article as I have been struggling to get my adsense approved , So i would instead now try these out.​

  5. Thank you very much for your information. My only income from my blog are some sales of my ebooks and I certainlywoul like to earn more and think your suggestions might well work.

  6. Not that great to hear that people are still striving with the dinosaurs like Infolinks and Chitika which in my experience were a waste of resources.
    Anyways the way out was shown after finding out about which proved to be all that it is claimed. On-time payments and a decent income for all my sites is all could be asked for.

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