Top 4 Free WordPress Hosting Disadvantages

Going to use free WordPress hosting then you should read these Free WordPress Hosting Disadvantages before use.

Every WordPress blogger knows the important of WordPress hosting for WordPress blog to grow more and run smoothly. But new bloggers don’t know about and search for free hosting which cost nothing and they think they are safe.

There are many free hosting available you can choose to host your WordPress blog and new bloggers think why I choose premium which cost me $$.

So in this post, I am going to tell some free WordPress hosting disadvantages which ll make you think again before hosting your awesome WordPress blog in this kind of hosting.

Lack Of Features And No Security:

Why I love premium hosting that they always add new features for there users and always update them regularly. Free hosting does not care about it you ll get same old and classic features and panel to use them.

They did not care about security and hackers target those blog which uses free hosting and can hack your blog if then found and vulnerability.

Like premium hosting, they not care about security and not update their panel so they can face new attacks by hackers.

Make sure that you are using good and secured hosting. It is one of the important roles of hosting.

I write this WordPress security guide you can follow and apply but if your hosting not caring about its security then these methods are just temporary.

No Support At All:

These hosting ll does not provide you any kind of support. If you are facing any problem or any kind of issue with your hosting you ll not going to get any support from that hosting. You are independent of yourself.

You can email them by using their contact page but mostly they ll not reply you because they did not care about you and your blogs.

So make sure that you are professional in managing to host by yourself or if you face any problem then you can solve that issue by yourself.

But if face any internal issue like from hosting then all you can do is wait to let them fix if then notice or care.

Low Speed And Down Times:

If your site starts growing and start getting good traffic then get ready to face down times from hosting.

Why because these hosting can’t handle traffic and servers are not maintained.

When you sign up you know that you are going to get very low space and bandwidth and if your site start grows then I should move your blog to another host.

Many good hosting providing unlimited space and bandwidth so they ll never go down.

Also your site ll load extremely slow for users or for you. The site is nowadays a ranking factor by Google so if your site slow then you site cannot rank well besides other blogs in search engines.

You can speed up WordPress blog by using some methods but if your hosting is not good then your site ll load fast.

Ads On Your Blog:

Now, this is the main thing care about and that is they ll put ads on your blog from which they ll make money to run free hosting.

Your users or visitors ll see many ads on your blog which can damage your user experience.

Final Words:

That’s it these some of free WordPress hosting disadvantages you are going to face if you are going to use them to host your WordPress blog.

There are many WordPress hosting is available you can use and they are affordable. So its good spend some bucks to get rid all of the above problems.

Many peoples ll have a different experience using free WordPress hosting and you have full rights to comment your experience below and let the readers know about.

Lastly, I hope you like this post and if possible please share with others and your fellow bloggers 🙂



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