Top 5 Free Blogging Sites To Start A Blog 2019

Everyone nowadays looking for free blogging sites to create free blogs and want to make money online and start their blogging career. Well, you are in a good place where I am going to tell you some cool and awesome free blogging sites.

These sites are used by many and getting success. I hope you ‘ll also get success. You need to work hard on these platforms and also you have to agree that when you break they can delete your blog without telling you.

Every free thing come with their Terms so if you want to use you have to agree.

Many people’s start blogging just for writing. So I hope you ‘ll love these platforms and start writing.

So Enjoy:

Well if you want to start a series blogging career then I recommend you to go with self-hosted WordPress blog. Here is a full guide To Create A Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

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Here is the list of free blogging sites:


Top 5 Free Blogging Sites To Start A Blog 2019 1
As owned by google one of the giants of the internet then no doubt this is the perfect free blogging Platform for all blogger who is looking to create a free blog.

This platform is developed by Pyra labs but then bought by google. With the help of Blogger, you can create a simple blog with blogger subdomain example: You can purchase a custom domain if you want to use that.

Here is a full guide for you to create a free blogger blog.

You can use blogger for:

  • People’s who just want to write.
  • Just to create a simple Blog.
  • Just for the test.

Top 5 Free Blogging Sites To Start A Blog 2019 2 is a free version by WordPress is founded by Matt Mullenweg. This is one of the cool platforms and defiantly for newbies who don’t know about codes of custom editing.

I am using and self-hosted blogging platform and in you can create the free blog with its subdomain like It’s come with some limitation like you can’t customize much, you can’t install custom third party plugins which you can avail in

Just sign up make blog choose the preloaded theme and you are done now start writing.

You can use to create websites like.

  • Author
  • E-commerce or just for any sites.


Top 5 Free Blogging Sites To Start A Blog 2019 3

Founded by David Karp tumbler is little different as compares with others platforms. It is a short-form blogging platform. It’s not just for write also you can follow other top tumbles and share with them. Mostly you ‘ll see tons of gifs.

Tumbler itself another world. You can use Tumblr for micro niche blogging or just want to fun with others tumblers.

You can use Tumblr to make:

  • Personal blogs,
  • Artist blogs,
  • Author blogs etc.


Top 5 Free Blogging Sites To Start A Blog 2019 4

Founded by the co-founder of twitter Evan Williams medium is made for those bloggers who just want to write and write. Medium is the great platform with incredible options for writers.  This is one of the awesome free platforms for those who just want to tell stories to others.

Also, give free and simple options and tools to write beautifully. Those who just want to write and simple blogging can choose the medium for their needs.

Medium is also the great source to tell news, your story or any other notifications.

You can use the medium for:

  • Just for write
  • Just for experiments


Top 5 Free Blogging Sites To Start A Blog 2019 5

Wix is no doubt is awesome platforms for new bloggers who just want a good looking blog for herself.

They promise that with Wix platform you don’t need to get any knowledge about coding or other things.

With the help of wix, you can create stunning and free sites. With wix, you just need to drag and drop options and then see results live. I have a couple of sites in wix and honestly, they are performing well.

Blogger who want to write and also want to make his blog cool and professional can choose wix.

You can use Wix to  create:

  • ECommerce websites are a great fit here,
  • Small businesses,
  • Artists and writers etc.

Final Words:

These are the free platforms which I use to create free blogs. These platforms are tested by me and truly these are amazing because of their tools and options.

There are tons of other platforms available on the internet but in my view, these are the best and come with a user-friendly interface.

If I found a new awesome free blogging site then I ‘ll defiantly update this post for you.

I hope you all also love these platforms and start your blogging journey. Well if you want to start a professional blog then I recommend you go with a self-hosted WordPress platform.

Also, note that free things come with their notice so if you break any of their rules they can delete your account. I recommend you read their Terms and conditions page first the make blogs.

Welcome to the world of blogging and writers. I wish you the best of luck.

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      Nope its not like WordPress. The platform is an example of evolved social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium and is regularly regarded as a blog host.

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