How To Disable WordPress Gutenberg Editor And Keep Using Classic Editor

WordPress 5.0 just released with the completely new Gutenberg editor. Many bloggers face a lot of problems using the new editor and can’t able to understand.

This is a totally new experience for them and this will take time to adopt this new editor and looking for the solution to disable the New Gutenberg editor and keep using the classic editor.

In this post, I’ll show you How To Disable WordPress Gutenberg Editor And Keep Classic Editor that you love in WordPress 5.0.

3 Reasons To Disable The Gutenberg Editor

First not familiar and hard, you don’t like the new current editor and want to keep using Classic Editor on your WordPress Website.

Second, compatibility. You don’t want to risk your sites to face any kind of compatibility issue. There are many reports that WordPress 5.0 break a lot of sites because of outdated plugins and themes which is not compatible with Gutenberg Editor.

Finally, if you are a freelancer and building and managing Clients websites. Your clients can face a lot of issues to adopt new editor.

How To Disable WordPress Gutenberg Editor And Keep Using Classic Editor

The WordPress team come with a solution and it’s very quite easy. If you don’t want to use the new Gutenberg editor.

This solution is the official Classic Editor plugin.

After installing this small plugin. This will add two option for you.

First, you can completely disable Gutenberg and keep using Classic Editor

Second, you can enable Gutenberg.

Step 1: Install And Activate The Classic Editor Plugin

To get started, install and activate the Classic Editor plugin from

How To Disable WordPress Gutenberg Editor And Keep Using Classic Editor 1

Step 2: Choose Classic Editor Mode

Once you’ve installed and activated the Classic Editor plugin, you need to configure the plugin:

  • To Disable Gutenberg and enable Classic Editor Plugin
  • Enable Gutenberg

To do that, go to Sidebar and Settings → Writing in your WordPress admin dashboard. Then, look for the Classic editor settings options:

How To Disable WordPress Gutenberg Editor And Keep Using Classic Editor 2

This plugin comes Classic Editor activated by default so nothing much need your job is done. You will see your old classic editor again.

On the other hand, you can also choose block editor to use the new Gutenberg Editor.

Final Words

There is no issue you can disable the new Gutenberg editor, so feel free to do it if you’re not familiar and don’t want to leave your old classic editor. In fact, there are some complains that the new editor contains many bugs and issues. So best is you should wait unit WordPress developers fix all things in upcoming WordPress Updates.

However, if you’re thinking to keep using this plugin then here is a bad news.

Classic Editor WordPress plugin will be maintained until at least 2022.

You have to learn the new editor as soon as possible. Soon WordPress themes and plugins devs will start developing their products, especially for Gutenberg.

In short, you can miss a lot of new cools things in new Gutenberg if you are going to use The Classic Editor. So best is to start learning and make yourself familiar with the new Editor. I know its hard but WordPress team is working so hard to make things easy as much possible.

Lastly, I hope you like this post so share it with your friend’s bloggers who want to disable the WordPress Gutenberg editor on their WordPress blog. Tell them I found the solution and it is quite easy to disable WordPress Gutenberg if you don’t like.

Do you have any questions about How To Disable WordPress Gutenberg Editor and keep using the classic editor? Leave a comment and I’ll try my best to help you in this situation in comments!



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