Top 5 Beginner Blogger Mistakes Must Need To Avoid

Are you a new blogger and making these beginner blogger mistakes?

Blogging is really hard blogging need time and you have to work hard to become a successful blogger or professional blogger. Nowadays thousand of blogs launched day by day because now a small kid can make a blog easy in just a few clicks.

You can read my guide on How To Start A WordPress Blog. But most new bloggers make many mistakes and then cry because they are not getting success.

So In this post, I am going to mention top 5 beginner blogger mistakes you need to avoid.

1: Always Want Shortcut No Hard Work: (One of the big Beginner Blogger Mistakes)

Like I said above blogging need time and hard work. You have to work hard to become a good and success full blogger. Don’t try to search and apply shortcuts to become a successful blogger.

Short cuts can lead you to failer or disappointed. If shortcuts make successful blogger then everyone in this world is no 1 bloggers and success full bloggers.

To become an authority blogger and good blogger first build your image show that what you can do and how much you can work hard.

People only follow hard workers, not short cutters. I hope you can understand.

2: Focusing Only To Make Money:

Making Money Online is no doubt is a kind of inspiration but only you are blogging to earn some bucks is not a good idea. You have to provide quality and you have to provide work.

Only focusing on money make you are a greedy person and you are destroying your blogging career and blogs.

So focus on quality and care money ll generate automatically.

3: No Care For Readers or Visitors:

You have to care your readers and visitors and make them come back to your blog and how you can do is providing high-quality content and posts. Readers love to read new things and love to learn new things. So always write something new and unique.

Another thing I notice and to be honest I am also facing this problem and the problem is not replying your blog posts comments. Readers leave comments to get answers their queries.

So you have to make it possible as much you can to answer your blog comments so your readers and visitors all love you and come back to read and comment again.

4: Copying Others No Uniqueness:

This is one of the common and also one of the big Beginner Blogger Mistakes that they start copying other bloggers. Like if they are making good money from those things in which they are expert newbies start copying them.

They start building same things which are already popular and common on the internet. Another thing they start to publish an exact same copy of posts which other good pro bloggers write.

Let me tell google and your other major traffic source ll not rank you because you are copying other posts and publishing in your blogs.

So stop copying and start building and writing you own stuff. If you want ot be a good blogger then start a love with writing.

In my starting days, i also copy other like everyone do but I only come to get the failure. This is my 3 years of blogging experience you have to write your own stuff.

Best of luck

5: No Care of quality of blog:

Like I said in above point copying other also destroy not only your blog but also destroy your blog quality. You have to build and write something unique people like me which love to learn something new are tried to read exact same copies of other contents on many other sites.

So I only read some high-quality blogs and rest of other I leave them. You have to maintain your blog quality and you have to write good and unique articles if you really want to build an authority and high-quality blogs.

You don’t need to become one of the typo writer but at least provide your reader new things to read.

Good Luck.

Final Thoughts:

That’s it these are Beginner Blogger Mistakes I observed in my three years of blogging carrier. I hope with this post you can fix your mistakes and i hope after this you ‘ll see some improvements in your blogs.

I am not one of the well known bloggers or you can say I am also a newbie blogger but just tried to write and explain some mistakes of very new blogger.

If you know any mistakes I really love to read just comment and if I found your comment useful I ‘ll update this post.

And Lastly, don’t forget to share this post with your fellow bloggers.

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