10 Best SEO Tips For Improving Google Search Rankings In 2019

All blogger must need to know that SEO is a must and most important thing you need to optimize your blog for search engines. These 10 Best SEO Tips ll help you.

I wrote a complete SEO guide for my readers you should read to know what is SEO? and why SEO is important?

There are many methods you can use to improve your blog rankings and improve your blog seo but in this post, I am going to tell you 10 best SEO Tips which you can use to improve your blog rankings in 2019 🙂

1. Post/Page Titles:

Post/page titles one of the first thing visitors see and click using good and catchy post titles are one of the first tasks you need to achieve.

Always use catchy words for your post and page titles. Also, make sure that your title contains your post keyword which you are targeting in that post.

By improving your post and page titles you can increase your CTR (Click Through Rate)

2. Site Design:

Site design helps you and your readers to read your content clearly and beautifully. By improving your site design you are actually you are helping your valuable readers and they ll spend more time on your blog and read your content.

When your readers stay more your bounce rate ll decrease and this good thing for SEO and search engines and they ll rank your blog.

Also, good structure site design helps Google and other search engines to clearly understand your blog and give you good rankings.

How To Improve Your Website:

  • Use Good Optimized Theme.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins and widgets:
  • Remove annoying ads and popups:
  • Improve your categories and tags.

Also, check this post for more ideas 🙂 Best Ways To Make Your Blog Awesome

3. Improve Site Speed:

Google said in his one of the post in Google official blog that site speed is a ranking factor. Means you have to improve your blog speed.

I Write a detailed guide on How To Increase WordPress Speed And Boost Performance you can use these methods and this will surely help you to increase your WordPress blog speed if you are using WordPress as your CMS (Content management system).

If your site loads slowly then you can lose your rankings in search results. Make sure that your site loads fast alongside your competitors.

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4. Move To Secured HTTPS:

Google also said in one of his blog post in his official blog that https is also a ranking factor. Means you need to move your blog from insecure HTTP to secured https.

Google also start showing insecure to HTTP sites in the address bar in chrome browser.

I am planning to move this blog to https soon.

You can see that your search in top 10 in google are https sites means google prefer https along side HTTP sites.

Many hosting companies like Bluehost Or inmotion start giving free SSL to there users.

5. Keyword Research:

Keyword Research is one of the main and most important things you need for the new blog to rank fast. You have to find and research good keywords and target them in your blog posts to rank your new blog.

I love semrush to do keyword research for my blog posts and also this tool ll help you to check keywords where your competitors ranked you can grab those keywords and start writing awesome posts 😉

Also, Check This post from one of my guest authors 🙂 Learn How To Find Profitable Keywords With Low Competition

6. Sitemaps:

Sitemaps help search engines to understand your blog more accurately. This ll help google or other search engines that what is your blog about how he can rank your blog.

A plugin like Yoast SEO can help you to generate the XML sitemap for your blog.

Google recommends that submit all version of your sites like HTTP or https.

7. Use optimized Images With Alt Tags:

Images can become the main source of your blog traffic. Images help the user and your readers understand your content.

A quote is very popular that (One Image speak thousands of words).

Always use optimized images for your blogs because adding a lot of images can make your site slow so for this task I use a plugin like imagify which ll optimize all your images at once. There are many plugins but I found this plugin perform well and not broke my image quality.

Don’t forget to add alt tags to your images this ll help you to rank your images in google image search.

8. Improve User Experience:

Improve your user and readers experience make them come again to your blog for awesome content.

  • Don’t use too many ads.
  • Don’t use too many popups.
  • Optimize your site design.
  • Write more awesome content.

9. Optimize Mobile version of your site:

Mobile users increasing day by day and very low people use desktop these days. I also spend most of my time on mobile.

You can say 80% of users use mobile for visiting sites and other things.

So you have to check if your site is mobile friendly or not by using this official Google tool.

If not then you have to hire a developer or if you know how to optimize mobile site design then do it.

You can lose a lot of your mobile readers if your site is not optimized for mobile.

10. Update Your Content On Daily Basis:

By updating old posts on your blog you can rank them and they ll help you generate more traffic to your blog.

Always update your old content which is dead or not getting good traffic.

Whenever you ll get the new update which can be added to your old content don’t waste time and update your old post.

Google or other search engines ll crawl your post again and give more rankings to your blog.

Final Words:

I hope these 10 best SEO Tips ll help your blog rankings and also help you increase your blog traffic.



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